World’s #1 Selling Curtain Mold Remover!

Have you got ugly black mold on the back of your curtains?

Is there a quick way to clean mold off curtains without needing to take them down? YES there is. No-one else in the world sells a better ‘no scrub’ curtain mold cleaner product than we do.

Over 30,000 customers now using this product!

This product has already sold in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and into Asia… it works… fast! You cannot find this product in the shops. It is only available here.

The mold will vanish within 3-5 minutes – no scrubbing!

This 3.5 minute video will show you how quickly the ‘Curtain Magic Mold Remover’ works. This video is purposely ‘home made looking’ so you can see it’s not some high budget ‘edited’ video. This is un-edited and real….

There is no better product in the USA or Canada for cleaning curtain mold – it works everytime!

The curtain mold cleaner has been specifically formulated to remove mold from the following areas:

  • the white backing of thermal curtains,
  • colorfast curtains, blinds nets & drapes
  • colorfast and block-out blinds,
  • white, unattached curtain lining,
  • waterproof shower curtains

The curtain mold removal product has lower toxicity than many over the counter bleaches. The curtain mould cleaner contains 1% bleach, whereas most household bleaches contain between 3-6% bleach. However most bleaches have pH11, whereas this curtain mold removing product has a neutral pH7.5, which makes it much easier to remove mold.

You simply spray the curtain and blind mold cleaner on the area you want to clean from mold and you can watch the mould vanish in front of your eyes. Before spraying the mold cleaner, make sure you cover any carpet and upholstery to protect it from any stray spray.

We ship the curtain cleaning product the same day payment is received, if payment is received before 10am, otherwise your product will be shipped the next business day and you can expect to receive it within 5-15 days.




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